Procurement policies at The Watermark Group include a preference for papers that come from well managed forests. Where feasible, recycled paper stocks and environmentally friendly plant-based inks are utilized.

The Watermark Group recycles over 300,000 lbs. of paper each year. Committed to investing in workflow automation, we utilize operational data to develop optimization policies and waste management procedures across the entire company.

Our commitment to sustainable solutions was the foundation for TWG360solutions. Working closely with our client partners we combine sourcing and digital printing technologies with client-based demand planning. This results in effectively reducing our client’s quantity of obsolete and wasteful inventory, which means less waste sent to landfills.

Kodak Sonora AwardWe have reduced environmental impact by using KODAK SONORA process free plates for offset printing. Traditional printing plates are imaged on a platesetter, and then the plates are run through a bath of chemical developer and water in the plate processing equipment. Once processed, the plates are put on the printing press to begin printing.

Process free plates are different. They use newer technology to skip the chemical processing step completely. Once they are imaged on the platesetter, they are “press ready” and can be put on press immediately for printing.

Skipping the traditional processing for offset printing plates saves water and energy, removes chemicals and waste, and reduces the overall carbon footprint of printing. In addition, like most printing plates, SONORA Plates are made of high-grade aluminum, and used plates are recycled as easily as soda cans