Mailing Services

Drive performance across all your marketing channels. Return time to your sales team and raise your perceived call frequency with both your current and potential customers. Your brand deserves a longer ‘desk-life’ than an electronic 2 second view and delete.

  • Assist in the designing of your mail piece to meet USPS guidelines
  • Postage estimate upon receiving your list and mailing parameters
  • Perform data hygiene on mailing lists, validating delivery points and reducing undeliverable mail
  • USPS Postal One Platinum Certified provider, performing USPS pre-sort for lowest postage rate
  • Presort Mail & Electronic Data Processing
  • Electronic File Conversion
  • CASS Certification and Delivery Point Validation
  • Mail Merges & Laser Printing
  • Merge & Purge Duplicates
  • Bulk Mail Sorting & Processing
  • Custom List Procurement and Management
  • Customer Data Profiling
  • Letter & Envelope Matching
  • Machine & Hand Folding, Inserting, & Sealing
  • Collating, Stapling, Packaging
  • Metering & Live Stamping
  • High-speed, High Resolution Direct Imprint
  • Apply Tabs & Wafer Seals and/or Fugitive Glue
  • Custom Hand Work
  • Field Alignment
  • Create Business Reply/Courtesy Reply mail with IMB using USPS approved software
  • NDC and SCF drop shipments anywhere in USA